Monday, January 19, 2009

New Club On The Block - WAREHOUSE


The Music
Warehouse offers house and electronic dance music that is blissful, unadulterated and tech-savvy in its best form. The DJs are committed to perform at their level best and indeed through much sought after experience. Resident DJs Kuma and I-Sec have been through the clubbing terrain for more than 10 years and are deemed to be one of the best house-music purveyors in the scene ever since. Occasionally, we intend to bring in big named international DJs as a one-off or on an exchange platform to get recognized and further promote our outfit to global recognition. Gelling together the natural sense of sound and sight with very hi-end sound system, lighting and visual technology, it is bound to leave a lasting impression on club goers and industry players. We have cultivated an environment, which will provide the niche with a much-needed spiritual and euphoric experience, whether through music or other forms of artistic expression.

The Visual Experience

Warehouse also offers an amazing visual arts and lighting experience. It boasts a whole panoramic atmosphere of projections at almost every corner of the club. Adopting the help of cutting edge technology and electronics in the mainframe makes it a step ahead amongst other clubs around the circuit. Using real-time 3D graphics and animation on the fly to the screens and projections, it showcases a sheer demonstration of visual artistry not to be missed. This club not only offers one an audible experience but also a visual one too.

The Food and Drinks

The concept of F&B will be focused on quality products with a low and affordable price. At Warehouse, we have put together a whole new dynamic range of menu items that was conceptualized around the common mind-set of the public. Giving it more leverage on the competitive edge amongst other clubs in the street, prices are slashed down to as low as it can go. This direction was made to give clubbers more value for money with added quality entertainment.

The Location

Warehouse is located at Jalan P. Ramlee, KL's busiest entertainment district, which what used to be the old 'Brannigans' Bar and Club back in the 90's.

The Venue

Not only is WAREHOUSE made open to the public but it is also a great venue for the hosting of private parties, corporate functions, annual gatherings, fashion shows and many more other occasions. It is a perfect venue for groups and communities looking for a central location in KL’s Central Business District (CBD) to celebrate occasions. It is accommodating and flexible in terms of rental and packages and cost effective with premium quality service and facilities at affordable rates.

Nonetheless, the place is one to look forward too. So be sure to watch this space

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