Monday, January 19, 2009

Im In A Magazine!!

Eventhough its an old story, i just want to share it with u guys.It was the Shortee Blitzz event in MOS on 8th Oct 2008.I was covered by JUICE,FLUXED and Clubbing 9.

Hip hop extraordinaire Shortee Blitz performed 'live' at Ministry of Sound – EUPHORIA at Sunway Lagoon Resort in a one-night only event on 8 October 2008. Fueling temperatures on the dance floor, Britain's finest hip hop DJ Shortee Blitz took on Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA with a showcase of rapid mind-blowing yet sophisticated sets. Weaving slick R&B flavours with underground beats, Blitz demonstrated his finesse for all-action mixing styles which saw numerous records cut, scratched, mixed and played tirelessly at Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA.


  1. wah lawa2 pic ko bro. power le edit bleh ajau aq pasni!~

  2. Hi, Mynameisdarn! Glad to see you. You're into dance music, especially trance music, yeah?! I feel I go together with you. So I'll follow your blog. I hope to see more of you. :)

  3. hey yoshi
    nice 2 know u
    i hope 1 day we can share our intrest
    its looks like your making your own music
    mayb u can send me a couple of your song to me

  4. Sorry. To tell the truth, not yet.
    I just cover my favorite trance tunes, and now doing "Traffic" produced by Tiesto, you know.
    When I finish, I'll upload on youtube!
    Anyway, you're really good at dj-ing, yeah! Good job!

  5. ouhh
    anywy do u hve facebook or myspace?