Thursday, January 7, 2010

Answer 3 Simple Question To Win Pair Tickets To Music Conference Asia Music Factory "The Creation"!!

Hey.Wassap wassap.Yes its Richard Durand live in Kuala Lumpur.I know you have been waiting for this.So grab this chance to win Pair tickets to see the Live in KL Live on this 23rd Jan 2010.All you have to do is answer this 3 simple question and send it before 20th Jan 2010.

1 ) Where is Sean Tyas from?
2 ) Give 1 of Richard Durand hottest track
3 ) Give me the line up of Music Conference Asia Music Factory "The Creation" part 1?


  1. 1. new york native, switzerland base
    2. madagascar richard duran rmx
    3. inter dj- dj preach, marcel woods
    local dj- dj kughe, dj funkomunky

  2. 1.switzerland
    2.richard durand - silver key
    3.marcel woods,preach,marcus schossow