Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why i want to be a DJ?

A lot of people keep asking me why i want to be dj?well..i hope this will explain it to them.i have always have this intrest in music.and i never know how to play any musical instrument beside a guitar.i dont have any musician in my family.only my brother.he was a dj too back in the 90`s.a lot of people knew him back then.Spinning in on hottest club in the east coast.i always wonder, the crowd is like going crazy over his music.and how he control the crowd with his beats.he quit spinning around 2000 sumthng.couldnt rmmber it actually.

i started to really into dj around 2 years back.playing around with virtual dj.tracktor and acid pro.making remixes and mixtape.starting from that,i always experimenting around with all the dj software.From vdj,acid pro,sound forge,traktor,mixmeister,ablleton,and etc.well, i started to really into dj last year.spinning for private party and bla bla bla.i started playing around with all genre from trance,house,r&b n hiphop.and i found my soul in electro.and from then,i never turn back.electro is my genre.why?maybe it cus of of my favourite dance.

i try to spread my music through my mixtape.and the acceptance is good mostly the electrocute mixset.gigs to gigs..i gain experience n experience.actually,1 think that i learn is, a self taught dj still need advise from someone with experience.a tutorial without practical is useless.

Im lucky to have a couple of friends who are always giving me advice and help.They are, DJ odydozz,DJ Isec from Warehouse n Novtech.Odydozz a very humble and down to earth dude who never tired in giving me advise on how to perferct my mixing and make it more groovy.Eventhough i know him only for a while, he is 1 of my best friends.DJ Isec,another cool dude.One of my brother friends back when he was a DJ.A lot of advice on how to improve myself.Lastly will be Novtech.We can call him my sifu.

Next,Milkii Hani.The 1 who believed in me when no others are.And thanks to Ganeson to from G`s n Co Event who give me chance to spin for his gigs.I almost screw up my set.Having a nervous breakdown when everybody is putting high hope on u is not a good things.Luckily i finish my set with a so-so perfomance.Eventhough a couple of guys say that i did a good job.I was so frustrated on that nite.Milkii Hani n others said that im doing good.Well thanks.

Since then,i promised to my self that i will be better n improve myself.And now im with AlliesDJ Academy.I learn so many new things.They help me to perfect my mixing.At last, i knew the feel of vinyls.Well guys,wait for my comeback.And yeah,i will be a DJ/Turbtablist.Ouh,i remember when 1 of my friends said to me that,do this thing for the sake of the love of giving good music towards the crowd n not for the fame.Thanks.I will remember those words.

Now,im fighting for own journey.To be the best among the best. Well, i still have times.I think im lucky to have a lot of friends who never stop giving me advice n support.I love u guys so much.

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